Bracelet Assembly Step By Step

Whether you love DIY projects or just want something fun to do, our premium bracelet kits will fun for you and friends. These kits are designed to be easy to assemble and produce a beautiful bracelet every time.

Before we begin, please take notice that we include an extra string for your bracelet in the event one of them breaks for any reason during assembly. In addition, we have included a few extra beads in case you need an extra large bracelet or you lose any of the beads. 

You will have the following items(s) in your kit:

1. Mini Clothespin

2. Stretchy and durable wiring string

3 High quality, real stone beads

*4. Silver Feather Charm or Silver Buddha Charm

*Not all kits come with a charm

Lets get started:

Step 1: 

Clip mini clothespin to one end of the string about 1/4 inch from edge. This will help keep the beads from falling off the string.

Step 2:

Review the back of the bracelet kit for a sizing chart, to help see the design of the bracelet you ordered and a picture for guidance.

Step 3:

Begin to add beads to the string, opposite side to the clothespin, and follow the design. If you have a charm in your bracelet kit, add the charm half way through the beads. 

Here is where you can express your own creativity if you choose to. You may decide to change the bead pattern or leave of the charm. The choice is yours.

Step 4:

 After all the beads are added to your bracelet, it is time to tie off the string. Unclip the clothespin and bring the two string ends together. Then tightly tie the string with a double knot to securely close the bracelet.

Step 5:

Once the knot it securely fastened, grab a pair of scissors and cut off the excess string. 


Awesome! You did it. Now it's time to throw your new bracelet on and rock it proudly around town.


IF you have any concerns or questions, please email us directly at   We will get back to you as soon as possible.