Three Reasons Why Stacking Bracelets Is More Fashionable

Stacked bracelets are one of the founding principles behind New Reign Co and what inspired us to create a product line that promotes creativity and empowers individuals to express confidence in their everyday life.
We define stacked bracelets as wearing three or more bracelets that create a unique sense of harmony and unity through the individual beauty of each bracelet. With high-quality handmade bracelets by New Reign Co, you will have the ability to put together any stack you can imagine and still have the confidence to rock your own style.
If that wasn't already enough to convince you, we'll tell you three reasons stacking bracelets is more fashionable compared to a single bracelet.

Creates harmony

The unique qualities of our handmade bracelets will complement each other in such a way that creates harmony amongst your wardrobe that is one of its own.
Each bracelet has the design and beauty to be worn alone but when paired with other bracelets of equal quality, the result is amazing.
The flexibility to mix and match our New Reign Co bracelets not only elevates your unique fashion sense but also give you the platform to express your creativity and make your stack stand out.

More Possibilities

We love stacking bracelets so much that we have even put together some bracelet stacks to give you ideas to create your own stack, the options are endless!
If too many options sounds overwhelming to you- we've got you covered. You can also purchase our pre-made stacks with some of our favorite pairings!
Making your own stack is easy, simply group 3 or more bracelets together and create a stack that is unique you.
We feel the more possibilities and opportunities you have to express your style without limitations is hugely important to gaining confidence as an individual.

Confidence that Appeals

Wouldn't it be nice to express your individual style without compromising on product quality?
Lucky for you, New Reign Co makes products you can be proud to wear.
We carefully craft each bracelet offered to ensure our quality and workmanship are top notch and you can show off these bracelets with confidence.
So when you hit the streets rocking your unique new look, you'll exude self-confidence and know your outfit pairs harmoniously together.
Stop being another plain Jane with your style and accessories.
Try stacking your bracelets and show the world that you have a wonderfully creative and confident sense of fashion.
You don't need to be the most extroverted person to add that little piece of flair to make you stand out and take advantage of the opportunities life throws your way.
Get Stacked
Inspire Creativity
Express Confidence

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